Sensitive and dehydrated skin


The Hydractiv® complex, present in all the formulas in the Sensylia range, is composed of 2 technical active ingredients in high concentrations: extract of imperata cylindrica, a plant from the Australian desert that retains water, and a specific active ingredient that increases the skin’s tolerance threshold.

This combination creates a synergy that enables the skin to generate its own water reserves and reduce the feelings of discomfort.

The range includes 2 cleansers, gentle make-up removers, a micellar solution, a jelly and 2 facial moisturizers. The different textures of these products adapt to each skin type and to each beauty routine in order to meet the needs of a weakened epidermis and help the skin overcome external aggressions on a daily basis. Non-comedogenic, these moisturizers also work as an excellent base for make-up.

Relieved, fortified and hydrated, your skin recovers all its radiance! 
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